Günter Grass

Was passiert, wenn ein SS-Mann auf einen Juden trifft? Günter Grass zeigt es im Gespräch mit Tom Segev:

But the madness and the crime were not expressed only in the Holocaust and did not stop at the end of the war. Of eight million German soldiers who were captured by the Russians, perhaps two million survived and all the rest were liquidated. There were about 14 million refugees in Germany; half the country went directly from Nazi tyranny to communist tyranny. I am not saying this to diminish the gravity of the crime against the Jews, but the Holocaust was not the only crime. We bear responsibility for the Nazis‘ crimes. But the crimes inflicted serious disasters on the Germans and thus they became victims.

Sage keiner mehr, dass dieser Wutbürger zufällig Mitglied der Waffen-SS war.

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